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Animal Aid Urges Councils to 'Have a Heart'

Posted 11 February 2008

This Valentine’s Day, national campaign group Animal Aid has written to every town and city council across the country, urging them to have a heart and adopt the Animal Aid Compassionate Charter.

The Charter promotes eight practical and achievable goals, which will benefit animals, people and the planet. They are: purchasing only cruelty-free cleaning products and toiletries; banning circuses with animals from council land; banning pets as prizes; promoting and subsidising spaying and neutering programmes; stopping the sale of foie gras and veal; speaking out against fur; adopting only the humane, non-lethal management of pigeons and other animals and birds; and making their towns a plastic bag-free zone.

Leicester City Council has already adopted an ethical purchasing policy and it now buys only non-animal tested products, while more than 200 councils have banned animal circuses from their land. York City Council was the first in the UK to pass a motion condemning the sale of foie gras and banning the sale of the pâté from its premises but other councils soon followed suit. Animal Aid will work to ensure that these impressive steps are just the beginning.

Says Animal Aid Head of Campaigns, Kate Fowler-Reeves:

‘The Compassionate Charter is very much in keeping with the current animal-friendly, environmentally conscious mood. Many councils have already taken one or more of the measures in our Charter and for that we congratulate them. But by adopting each of our eight initiatives, councils will be taking a kind-hearted step towards a cruelty-free future.’

Animal Aid is offering support and advice to all councils wishing to adopt one or more of the policies, and those who do so will be awarded a Compassionate Charter scroll to commemorate their outstanding work.

Notes to Editors

  • For more information, contact Kate Fowler-Reeves or Andrew Tyler on 01732 364546 (out of hours 07751 990082).
  • The Compassionate Charter can be viewed here.

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