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Posted 1 November 2004
Young fox

The following report comes to us from The Humane Group, who specialise in effective humane 'pest' control:

The Humane Group is a commercial business, specialising in the Humane control of pests, operating within the Midlands area. Historically, the pest control business has been and unfortunately still is, largely dominated by companies offering lethal control. As our name suggests, we take a completely Humane approach to dealing with problem pests. We do not employ any methods of lethal control and in doing so; have gained the respect and satisfaction of our customers.

Our reputation has been developed purely on Humane control. This has always been the cornerstone of our business practice and will remain so into the future.

The Humane Group specialises in the humane control of common pests. Using entirely non-lethal methods, it is possible to either completely or very nearly deter pests from private and public property or areas. We can provide control services for many common types of animals, which are generally regarded as pests.


Popular pests tend to be Pigeons, Birds, Foxes, Rabbits, Squirrels and rodents. However, many other types of animals may prove to be pests for people or businesses. Whatever the problem, we can offer an alternative, humane approach to dealing with and rectifying the situation.

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