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REPTILE BREEDERS - Under investigation

Posted 1 September 2002
A lizard

Redditch Council and the Inland Revenue are to investigate an event planned by the International Herpetological Society. Our letter to Redditch Council follows...

Sue Mullins
Head of Legal Services
Redditch Borough Council
The Town Hall
Alcester Street
B98 8AH

September 26, 2002

Dear Ms Mullins

Re: International Herpetological Society 'Breeders Meeting', Arrow Valley Social Club on September 29th 2002

Thanks once again for our constructive conversation. I've discussed the points raised with several colleagues who have worked on these events. In order to assist you in preventing any unlawful animal sales, we would like to point out the following.

I would remind you that the I.H.S. has, in recent years, selected a different local authority and a different venue for each of its events and this is not a coincidence. It follows that every local authority that has investigated these events, and their claims that they are 'breeders' meetings, 'members' meetings and individuals selling their own pets, have all proved to be unfounded and unjustified. We are quite confident that this is, in fact, a commercial event.

We have commenced providing a dossier of information to Inland Revenue about the I.H.S.' trading activities - they have an interest in gathering evidence at these events whenever they take place. Videotaped evidence of contraventions of the Pet Animals Act at a recent I.H.S. event will reach you in the post tomorrow. A copy of this has also been sent to your Environmental Health department, which shows clear evidence of the potential health hazards.

Yours sincerely

Elaine Toland
Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid


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