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farmed ducks

Spectre of bird flu returns to the UK

A case of bird flu has been identified at a duck-breeding farm in East Yorkshire. Whilst farmers and consumers selfishly worry about the impact on Christmas meat sales, Defra has ordered the culling of 6,000 ducks from the farm and has imposed a 10km (6 mile) exclusion zone around the farm. Animal Aid has grave concerns about the inevitable intense suffering and stress to the animals that will be caused by this large-scale, emergency slaughter.

More about the bird flu outbreak

Research charities must now swear pro-vivisection public oath

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), the sector’s key representative body, has told its 133 members that, from November 20, they must publicly declare their support for vivisection if they wish to remain within its ranks. The move has been condemned as ‘outrageously authoritarian’ by national campaign group Animal Aid because of the way it denies research funders the right to exercise their independent judgement on a highly contentious issue.

More about the pro-vivisection pledge Read the article in the Independent Read the article in the Daily Mail

BHF supports repulsive experiments on rats and mice

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has helped fund a series of repulsive animal experiments that involved mice being deliberately given heart attacks, rats having their brains damaged and both species being killed by having their necks broken.

More about the experiments Take action now Update: Animal Aid's response to the BHF
Wolverhampton Racecourse logo

Horrific pile-up at Wolverhampton Racecourse results in horse death

Spectators and TV viewers witnessed a horrific five-horse pile-up on the newly laid Tapeta racing surface at Wolverhampton racecourse yesterday evening (6 November).

One horse suffered fatal injuries and three jockeys were taken to hospital after horses clipped heels on the final bend in the 12-runner, six-furlong (three-quarter mile) sprint event.

More about the death of Fitz Flyer at Wolverhampton racecourse
Vote for Animals

Vote for Animals

Animal Aid has today launched a new website to help people decide who best to vote for in the General Election in six months time.

This easy-to-use website examines the animal-friendly credentials of all current MPs, as well as listing party policies. Constituents can also contact their MP directly through the site and ask him or her to support key animal issues.

More about the Vote for Animals website Visit
John Leech MP

100 MPs Demand Mandatory CCTV in Slaughterhouses

The day when slaughterhouses will be compelled to fit CCTV cameras has moved a step closer this week, as Martin Caton became the hundredth MP to have signed a parliamentary motion in support of the move.

Early Day Motion 177 was tabled by Grahame Morris MP and now has the support of MPs from across the political spectrum. The goal is also supported by more than half of all Welsh Assembly Members.

More about the demand from MPs for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses

Fireworks Frighten

This Bonfire Night, please spare a thought for the animals and birds who may be terrified by the deafening crashes and blinding flashes. Traumatised dogs are rushed to vets for emergency treatment; sheep can spontaneously abort; horses gallop into fences; and rabbits have been known to die from the shock.

More about fireworks and animals

Please think before supporting Movember

Animal Aid is asking the public to stop and think before they support the ‘Movember’ initiative (which involves growing a moustache throughout the month of November), since some of the money raised is used to fund vivisection. As well as being cruel, animal experiments are a tragic waste of money raised in good faith, since fundamental differences between species mean that the results cannot be reliably translated to humans.

More about Movember See our online list of medical research charities Order a FREE pocket guide to medical research charities Take action on our latest Victims of Charity exposé
Great Vegan Challenge icon

Last chance to sign-up for the Great Vegan Challenge

There's just a few days left to sign-up for this year's Great Vegan Challenge, which starts on 1st November. We've already had more than 1,300 people register to take part, making this the biggest Great Vegan Challenge ever, but there's still room for more. If you'd like to try going animal-free for a month with all the support you need, please head over to our dedicated Go Vegan website to sign-up for the Great Vegan Challenge today.

More about the Great Vegan Challenge Register for the Great Vegan Challenge
MPs supporting our CCTV in Slaughterhouses campaign

MPs from Manchester and Birmingham call for CCTV in Slaughterhouses

John Leech MP and Roger Godsiff MP have pledged their support to the campaign for mandatory CCTV inside UK slaughterhouses. The campaign was launched after a three-year investigation by Animal Aid revealed widespread breaches of welfare laws. Slaughterhouse workers were filmed: kicking, punching and beating animals; burning them with cigarettes; picking them up by their fleeces and throwing them into stunning pens; and dragging them by their ears. Animal Aid also recorded animals being improperly stunned and coming round again, and suffering painful electrocution instead of being stunned.

More about the MPs who support our campaign for CCTV in all slaughterhouses Sign the petition

Charity's attempt to distance itself from cruel animal experiments backfires

The British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) attempt to distance itself from some of the cruel animal experiments uncovered by Animal Aid as part of its Victims of Charity campaign has triggered a major new exposé. This reveals a catalogue of disturbing animal ‘studies’ – some of which were carried out overseas – that have received financial support from the BHF. These have included dogs being deliberately given heart attacks, and goats having their hearts electrically disrupted for weeks on end.

More about our latest exposé Take action Read the full report Update: Animal Aid addresses the BHF's response
Animal Aid's South West Christmas Without Cruelty Festival

Exeter's cruelty-free Christmas extravaganza returns

Exeter’s fast-growing South West Christmas Without Cruelty Festival returns to Exeter Corn Exchange on Saturday 22 November with its winning mix of cruelty-free shopping, great food and special events.

More about the Animal Aid Exeter Christmas festival Read our press release
Christmas fayre 2014 leaflet

Animal Aid's Christmas Fayre 2014

A feast of ethical festive treats awaits you at the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre on Sunday 7th December in Kensington Town Hall, London. To enrich your mind, soul... and stomach. If you've never been to the Fayre before, do come, you will love it. An uplifting day-out of unfettered shopping from principled companies and animal-free food producers, whilst making new friends and engaging with the diversity of animal charities and campaigners. This year, we are especially delighted to welcome Caroline Lucas, Green MP, and Peter Tatchell, animal and human rights campaigner, who will both be speaking in the lecture theatre.

More about Animal Aid's Christmas Fayre on 7 Dec in Kensington Town Hall
slaughterhouse worker using the stunning tongs on a pig's body

Government figures on mis-stunning in UK slaughterhouses 'more than 99.99 per cent inaccurate'

Animal Aid says Defra is misleading Parliament and the public with ‘wildly, out-of-the-ball-park, embarrassingly inaccurate’ information

When Neil Parish MP was given the government’s official recorded statistics for the number of animals mis-stunned at slaughter, Animal Aid was ‘shocked speechless’ by the response. Because, while the government claims there were just five cases of mis-stuns in pigs, six in cows, and five in sheep across the entire country in 2009, Animal Aid has concrete evidence – which it had already provided to the government – that this figure is ‘wildly inaccurate’.

Moreabout the number of mis-stunned animals in British slaughterhouses
shooter with a dead grouse

Gun lobby under fire

The gun lobby has today suffered a serious body blow with the publication of two scientifically robust reports that, on the one hand, demolishes claims that ‘sport shooting’ is immensely valuable to the UK economy and, on the other, accuses owners of grouse moors who burn heather – a common practice – of polluting rivers, damaging the landscape and contributing to climate change.

More about the two reports into the sport shooting industry and grouse moor management
Woman eating salad wrap

One-In-Eight British Adults Is Veggie

A survey conducted by Mintel has found that one-in-eight British adults has ditched meat and fish, with that number rising to one-in-five for younger people aged 16-24. The research found that millions more people have also reduced their meat consumption. This huge growth in the popularity of vegetarianism is great news and means that far fewer farmed animals will suffer and die for the sake of the nation’s food.

If you’re interested in going meat-free, please order one of our FREE Go Veggie packs. If you’re already veggie, why not take the next step and take part in our Great Vegan Challenge?

Order a FREE Go Veggie Pack Register for the Great Vegan Challenge
monk parakeet

Government kills parakeets

Animal Aid campaigns for all wildlife and, for several years, we have worked alongside local campaigners to try to stop the government ‘cull’ of a tiny number of monk parakeets living in the wild around London and Hertfordshire.

Despite there being so few monk parakeets, and no evidence that they cause agricultural damage or have nested on pylons, the government has spent £259,000 killing some and ‘rehousing’ others.

Moreabout the killing of monk parakeets
Wigmore Hall

Statement from Animal Aid on Race Horse Deaths and the Daily Mirror

There has been an outraged response from the racing industry over the front-page Daily Mirror article (20 September) on the death of race horse Wigmore Hall – which features Animal Aid’s photographs of the horse being shot. It is being claimed that our complaint related to the way Wigmore Hall was killed by the vet and that the injury was not sufficiently serious to warrant his destruction. These were not our complaints. In supplying the photographs to the Mirror, we were motivated by the desire to trigger a debate about the routine nature of equine deaths on British racecourses and the lengths to which the racing authorities go to conceal the reality.

More on the death of Wigmore Hall and Animal Aid's race horse death statistics Read our press release Read the article in the Daily Mirror
Wigmore Hall

Bullet in the head for a long-haul horse

Our undercover investigators took photographs the racing industry does not want the public to see. They show Wigmore Hall moments after breaking his leg at Doncaster Racecourse, and then being shot in the head by a vet.

Screened off in order to be out of sight from the race-going public in the grandstands, Wigmore Hall's unceremonious death was brought about by a bullet from a silent pistol.

Moreabout the career and death of Wigmore Hall Read the article in the Mirror
Canada goose

United Utilities Calls off the Cull!

Campaign by Bird Lover and Animal Aid Successful

When bird lover David Kennedy discovered that Canada geese were being shot at Lingley Mere – a lake owned by Warrington-based United Utilities – he felt he had to speak out. David, who lives about 10 miles from Lingley Mere, knew that a proposed cull of geese at Lake Windermere had been halted when the local authority was persuaded to put into place non-lethal control plans, and he contacted United Utilities to urge them to do the same.

Moreabout the successful campaign to convince United Utilities to stop killing Canada geese
Great Vegan Challenge logo

The Great Vegan Challenge Is Back!

After the huge success of the last two years, The Great Vegan Challenge is returning for a third year! Since 2012, it has helped 1,700 people to try veganism, whilst providing them with all the support and advice they need to do it. If you'd like to try going animal-free this November, please sign-up for the Great Vegan Challenge via the link below.

More about the Great Vegan Challenge Sign-up for the Great Vegan Challenge today

Badger Killing has Begun

The badger cull has resumed in Gloucestershire and Somerset, despite overwhelming public opposition, independent scientific evidence and the fact that last year’s culls were nothing short of a fiasco. Even the government’s own Independent Expert Panel concluded that the 2013 culls were both ineffective and inhumane.

More about the badger cull Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting Somerset Badger Patrol Somerset Against the Badger Cull Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare Hunt Saboteurs Association
Karin cycling up l'Alpe d'Huez

Conquering the 21 bends of l'Alpe d'Huez

She's done it! Karin reached the top of the Alpe d'Huez, one of the finishing climbs of the Tour de France. Well done Karin and thank you to everyone who sponsored her.

Read what Karin had to say about the experience
pheasant who has lost some of his feathers due to pecking from cage mates

Take action against battery cages for 'gamebirds'

The focus of this year’s National Anti-Shooting Week (22 - 28 September) is our campaign to ban the battery cages that are used to incarcerate breeding pheasants and partridges. We view the abolition of these contraptions – known in industry circles as 'raised-laying cages' – as an important first step towards the end of all ‘sport’ shooting.

Get involved in National Anti-Shooting Week Write to your MP
cows in a barren field

Environmental impacts of animal farming spark continued controversy

New research published by Cambridge and Aberdeen universities has provided further evidence of the massive and growing environmental impacts of farming animals for food, sparking more debate on the issue.

More about the new report on animal farming and the environment Register for the Great Vegan Challenge
Man pouring iced water over head

Say ‘No’ To Ice Bucket Challenge

Huge sums of money have been donated in recent weeks to motor neurone disease charities through the ice bucket challenge craze. Animal Aid is urging people to resist enriching these charities by dowsing themselves in iced water or challenging others to do so.

More about Animal Aid's opposition to the Ice Bucket Challenge Visit our Victims of Charity Website

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