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Wasted Lives

Detail from the cover of the Wasted Lives video

Wasted Lives is a 20-minute video designed for school students aged 14 and over but is an excellent introduction to the realities of vivisection for all age groups.

Using explicit lab footage, testimony from scientists and doctors, computer graphics and other illustrative material, it makes a powerful moral and scientific case against animal experiments.

It begins by outlining how animals are treated inside labs - answering the vivisectors' claim that their 'models' receive consideration and do not suffer.

It then unravels the science question, making it clear, through examples of humans damaged and progress delayed, that animal experiments produce data that cannot be reliably applied across the species. This section also looks at the commercial imperative driving so much vivisection, and the way in which new generations of scientists are conditioned.

Alan Davies

The final section deals with non-animal methods of research. It argues for health promotion policies rather than a continuing fixation on ever-elusive 'miracle cures'. Part three also examines the pivotal role that decent housing, wholesome food, clean water and sanitation have played in lowering the death rate in Britain - and how they remain the basic pre-requisites for good health and disease prevention.

Wasted Lives is available in two formats: one for sixth formers and an edited version for pupils aged between 14 and 16. Both contain graphic footage of animals being captured, caged and experimented on. And both make detailed, objective arguments against animal experiments on both scientific and moral grounds.

The video comes with a 32-page mini booklet for teachers, plus a student activity pack. Wasted Lives is especially relevant for Citizenship, RE, English, 6th Form General Studies and Science.

Use the order form for a copy of the video, plus supporting material, absolutely free.

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