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Healthy eating the veggie way

We decided to give our new poster 'youth appeal' by showing colourful pictures of the kind of veggie meals that young people are familiar with and enjoy eating - together with information about the nutritional benefits of each dish.

'Healthy Eating - The Veggie Way' is also intended to counteract all the glossy colourful advertisements provided by the meat industry.

The poster points out that you can obtain all the protein, iron and calcium that your body needs without eating meat. It features four healthy vegetarian dishes that will appeal to young people, for which free recipe sheets are available.

Healthy Eating - The Veggie Way is A2 and laminated and ideal for use on the Food Technology classroom wall. They also look great in school corridors and dining rooms, and also for more general use in libraries, cafes and health food shops.

If you are able to display one of the posters, use theorder form and we will send you one free of charge.

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