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The following resources for teachers are available from the Animal Aid Education Department. Most are free. The rest are priced to cover postage, or production costs only.

Single copies free. Multiple copies 20p each, or £1 for 10 - except Animals & Us and Young Veggies (class sets of 30 free).

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Animals and Us

Written for young people, this booklet presents the case for the better treatment of animals. The issues of animal experiments and farming are covered in detail, and there are sections covering bloods sports, the fur trade, animals in captivity and the pet trade. 20pp
Class sets of 30 free.

Young Veggies

Guide to vegetarianism for young people. 16pp
Class sets of 30 free

Your Guide to Going Veggie or Vegan

This information booklet from Animal Aid is packed with information on vegetarianism and veganism and is ideal for students studying meat-free diets in food technology. It covers the reasons why people go veggie/vegan, with sections on healthy eating, protecting the planet and animal suffering. It also has sections on vegetarian/vegan nutrition and meat-free alternative meals, and offers vegetarian recipes. 18pp
Class sets of 30 free


Animals: the Hidden Victims of War

Report on the use of animals in warfare and weapons research.

The Fishing Industry

Report into sea fishing and fish farming. 34pp

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