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Primary School Talk Feedback Form

Thank you for inviting a speaker from Animal Aid to give a talk to students in your school. We would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the following short questionnaire. This feedback will enable us to improve the service that we provide to teachers like you.

Talk Details

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Assessment of the speaker

What was the subject matter of talk/workshop?
General Animal Welfare Pet care Healthy eating
Was the talk conducted to your satisfaction?
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Was the style of the talk appropriate to the age group?
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Was effective use made of teaching aids?
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Do you have any suggestions for ways that the talk could have been improved?

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions regarding technique and/or content of the talk.

Was there anything during the session that you feel worked particularly well?

The audience

Was there sufficient opportunity for audience participation?
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Did the audience show a clear understanding of the subject matter?
Yes No
How, if at all, will the students be following up the talk?

General Questions

Have you invited Animal Aid to give a talk before?
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How did you hear about Animal Aid?
letter from Animal Aid website word of mouth
other (please specify)
Will you be inviting Animal Aid back to give a talk in the future?
Yes No Possibly
Any other comments or suggestions?
Thank you for your assistance.

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