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Ruddy Ducks

The government has announced that £3.3million of public money will be used for the mass slaughter of Britain's ruddy ducks. Not only is this a vicious, insane and massively expensive exercise but it is also logistically impossible to eradicate a whole population spread over 1,000 UK sites and across 20 countries.

Introduced to Britain in the 1940s by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, ruddy duck escapees have successfully bred and some have migrated to Spain where they are said to have mated with the endangered white headed duck. The resulting offspring are considered 'impure' by conservationists and bird watchers. Ruddys have, therefore, been sentenced to death in the name of blood purity. Hunting and habitat loss are the reasons the white headed duck is endangered and conservation should start with habitat protection, but it's far easier to target a small duck.

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