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There are many worthwhile initiatives to help people in 'developing' countries that do not involve the exploitation of animals. These range from providing appropriate technology to supplying drought-resistant, sustainable crops.

Two great charities that support such schemes are Vegfam and HIPPO (Help International Plant Protein Organisation).

Vegfam provides relief to victims of drought, flood, war and other emergencies.

The night the devastating tsunami struck South India, Vegfam started distributing vegan food packages. The organisation is now assessing the longer-term needs of people affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Vegfam will continue to fund projects for years to come but can only continue to do so through kind donations.

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HIPPO is founded on the belief that providing food to the world's poor and hungry does not have to cause suffering to animals. Because of the vast amounts of land, grain and water consumed by the global livestock industries, eating animal products is a major contributing factor to world food shortage. HIPPO is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet for humans and the environment. It assists our fellow men and women in poorer countries to obtain and, wherever possible, to produce for themselves, wholesome and nutritious plant foods.

HIPPO has helped to develop the sustainable, organic, production of non-GM crops, especially pulses, in Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia, and has assisted a soya food processing plant in Uganda. It also supports a vegetarian outreach programme in Lagos, Nigeria; and sends high protein, vegetarian foods to orphanages in Romania, Croatia and Kenya, and also to the African Food Bank community project.

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Animal Aid took the lead, organising HIPPO's pledge to raise £2000 towards a new irrigation system for a vegetarian orphanage in Kenya. This will enable the orphanage to grow its own food and vegetables.

You too can support the important work of HIPPO and Vegfam in developing countries. To find out more information or make a donation please contact them at the following addresses.

HIPPO, Churchfield House, Weston Under Penyard, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7PA

Vegfam, The Sanctuary, Nr Lydford, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4AL
Tel: 01822 820 203

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