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Lean cuisine with Dan Green

I was pretty miserable as a teenager because I was so fat. I was about 4 stone overweight and I had no idea about health and nutrition so I just used to eat all the wrong foods.

One day I finally decided I'd had enough... I started reading through books and magazines to try to learn more about food and how it worked. This led to me making recipes and experimenting with healthier ways of cooking. As a result, I lost nearly 5 stone over the next few years and I grew to love cooking with different herbs, spices and flavours.

Gradually I developed my own recipes and I began to be asked to help friends and family and colleagues at work. I really worked at learning all about nutrition because the key to all this was to be healthy. There is no point being thin and unhealthy. Nor is there any need to eat boring foods. Half of the meals I make, you wouldn't even realise they were good for you!

Dan Green

I've kept the weight loss for 8 years now - and it also had another spin-off. I was lucky enough to be taken on by a top model agency and I modelled for about 4 years in magazines, newspapers and TV commercials. However, I realised that modelling was not where my heart lay. I really wanted to continue learning about healthy eating and nutrition - and to continue helping others to lose weight.

It was always at the back of my mind how miserable I had been when I was fat, and I know that many people feel the same way. I just wanted to help others feel good about themselves and to help them re-educate their whole way of thinking when it came to food.

I do not believe in diets but a change of life approach. My focus is also on the maintenance which can be as difficult as losing the weight to start with. I've adapted my favourite foods to low-fat healthy versions. I hope you enjoy these delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes!

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