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LET'S PARTY! - Vegan party food for kids

To celebrate Veggie Month, Animal Aid gives you great ideas for party food that is both yummy and cruelty-free!

Sausage rolls

You can buy frozen vegetarian sausage rolls, but it is very easy to make your own using squares of pre-rolled puff pastry and 'Sosmix'. Alternatively, why not try mixing the Sosmix with mashed potato or tomato sauce.


You can buy a whole range of vegan sandwich spreads, from mayonnaise to paté. Redwood make the 'fake meat' style sandwich fillings including the delicious 'cheatin bites' which come in a variety of flavours, and a multitude of 'cheatin slices' including ham, chicken and garlic sausage! You will probably be able to buy these at your local health food shop - or if not check out For a special treat, why not make some chocolate spread sandwiches using 'Chocoreale' - can be bought from


Kids don't have to dislike salad! Rather than just the traditional lettuce and tomato mix, try making potato, pasta, rice, cous cous or carrot salads. The dressing can simply be lemon juice and olive oil, or you can add soy sauce, herbs etc.


Dips with French bread, cucumber slices or bread sticks are usually popular as they are fun to eat. Try offering hummous, salsa or guacamole.

Cocktail sticks

Try adding chunks of vegan cheese with pickled onions. There is an excellent brand called 'Cheezly', which can be bought at most health food shops and some supermarkets - it comes in all different varieties including 'added bacon bits' and 'with cranberry'. Also, why not add cocktail sausages - these can be bought from Redwood -

Pies and flans

You could try making a flan base and filling it with your child's favourite vegetables. Or alternatively, add mashed tofu or soya cheese - Cheezly's bacon style cheese would work brilliantly here!


Fun to eat and always popular. Try using French bread as a base and topping it with partially stir-fried tomato puree, herbs, onions, mushrooms, peppers, smoked tofu etc. Drizzle with olive oil and then grill. You can now get vegan 'cheese' which can be sprinkled on as a topping. You could even get the kids to assemble their own pizzas!


Frustratingly many crisps contain animal by-products, such as rennet and lactose. Check the ingredients to make sure.


Kids love the Provamel soya milkshakes, which come in chocolate, banana, and strawberry flavour!

Sweet things

You can now buy gelatine-free jelly from health food shops that can be used to make trifle. Other popular party sweets include fruit salad, chocolate mousse (melt some dairy-free chocolate and blend with tofu, syrup and a little soya milk), fairy cakes (replace the eggs in the recipe with a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil and a dash of lemon juice).

The Sainsburys 'free from' range includes a number of ready-mixes for making yummy delights such as blueberry muffins, and chocolate cake. Trufree make dairy-free biscuits including choc chip cookies, ginger snaps and vanilla wafers.

You can now buy some delicious haribo-style vegan jelly sweets, including cola bottles, sours, gummi bears - some health food shops stock them, but if not try - this site also stocks a multitude of other sweets! Also, Whizzers make a variety of fun chocolate sweets including 'smartie-style' chocolate beans, chocolate footballs and toffee.

Don't forget our very own Animal Aid online shop which includes some gorgeous truffles, and different flavoured vegan chocolates!

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