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NIL BY MOUTH - Vegetarian meals in hospitals

Animal Aid's new report - Nil by Mouth - is published to mark the start of Veggie Month 2004.

Nil by Mouth details the findings of Animal Aid's UK-wide survey of vegetarian and vegan meals in hospitals, which took place earlier this year. The survey revealed a a dramatic difference in provision for vegetarians and vegans across the country. Many vegans, in particular, face a traumatic daily fight for food.

Part 1: Introduction

A summary of the results and an introduction to Nil by Mouth.

Part 2: Vegetarians

The variety of veggie meals and how they are marked on menus.

Part 3: Vegans

The provision of food for vegan patients.

Part 4: Hospital survival guide

What the patients say, the hospital responses, and 5 tips for veggies and vegans in hospital.

[PDF version]

[Guidance notes for hospital caterers (PDF)]

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