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Decadence Dessert


  1. Use any dairy-free ice cream e.g. Swedish Glacé or Tofutti for this dessert.
  2. You'll need tall sundae glasses or banana split style dishes. (Optional - pour Amaretto liqueur into the base of the glass.)
  3. Add a scoop or two of ice cream, with banana either chopped or split and served lengthways.
  4. Pour a little soya cream on.
  5. Add any other fruits - the more exotic the better - chocolate drops (the cooking sort are usually non-dairy), Whizzers (an animal and additive-free version of Smarties), crystallised ginger, even a couple of luxury animal-free chocolates e.g. Booja Booja truffles.
  6. Just imagine you're decorating the Christmas tree. Your guests will be in ecstasy.

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