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100 MPs Demand Mandatory CCTV in Slaughterhouses (05-11-2014)

MPs from Manchester and Birmingham call for CCTV in Slaughterhouses (20-10-2014)

Government figures on mis-stunning in UK slaughterhouses 'more than 99.99 per cent inaccurate' (06-10-2014)

Visit (25-07-2014)

CCTV in Slaughterhouses: Time to Act! (20-05-2014)

Halal furore has nothing at all to do with animal welfare and everything to do with prejudice (12-05-2014)

Government figures on effective stunning in UK slaughterhouses attacked as 'wildly inaccurate' (07-04-2014)

Slaughterhouse Tales (13-03-2014)

'Cruel' F Drury & Sons fined over death of worker (16-09-2013)

CCTV for all Slaughterhouses (14-05-2013)

Slaughterhouse workers are more likely to be violent (24-01-2013)

Half of all Welsh Assembly Members support CCTV for slaughterhouses (18-01-2013)

'Make CCTV Mandatory for Slaughterhouses!' says the British public (28-11-2012)

Animals in slaughterhouses: government consultations (22-10-2012)

CCTV in slaughterhouses (29-08-2012)

Cheale Meats Prosecuted Again! (13-06-2012)

Cheale Meats animal abusers jailed (25-04-2012)

Cheale Meats Employees Convicted under the Animal Welfare Act (19-04-2012)

Cheale Meats employees to be prosecuted for animal cruelty (28-03-2012)

If slaughterhouses had glass walls... (12-03-2012)

Australian slaughterhouse faces closure due to hidden-camera footage (09-02-2012)

Cheale Meats boss says he was sickened by the cruelty (26-01-2012)

Meet Your Meat (12-01-2012)

MPs Call for CCTV in Slaughterhouses (15-11-2011)

Cheale Meats: 'Cruel and Unhygienic' (09-09-2011)

Defra 'stripped' of its prosecution function (24-08-2011)

The government justifies slaughterhouse inaction (15-08-2011)

Cheale Meats 'pathetic and ludicrous' response (02-08-2011)

Revealed: cigarettes stubbed out on slaughter pigs' faces (28-07-2011)

Now every single major UK supermarket has said Yes to independently monitored CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses!! (06-06-2011)

Now only Iceland has to say 'Yes' to CCTV in slaughterhouses (08-04-2011)

Yet another step forward as Lidl says 'Yes' to CCTV in slaughterhouses (06-04-2011)

Asda joins seven other supermarkets in saying 'Yes' to CCTV in slaughterhouses (28-03-2011)

Aldi joins six other supermarkets in saying 'Yes' to CCTV in slaughterhouses (07-03-2011)

Six supermarket chains have now said Yes to independently monitored CCTV cameras! (07-02-2011)

Now five supermarket chains have said Yes to independently monitored CCTV cameras! (27-01-2011)

Now four supermarket chains have said Yes to independently monitored CCTV cameras! (25-01-2011)

Our slaughterhouse CCTV campaign leads to 'new trend in meat industry' (18-01-2011)

A Statement on Religious Methods of Slaughter (10-12-2010)

Campaign victories! Morrisons and Marks and Spencer say Yes to CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses! (30-11-2010)


Halal Slaughter (11-11-2010)

Published: 'Behind Closed Doors' (01-11-2010)

Stop this cruelty and law-breaking (07-03-2011)

Slaughterhouse Closed After Animal Aid Expose (18-08-2010)

Advertising watchdog 'strikes a ringing blow on behalf of slaughterhouse cruelty' (23-07-2010)

Essex slaughterhouse expose finds 'unbearable cruelty and suffering' (27-06-2010)

'Cruel' Norfolk Slaughterhouse Exposed (06-05-2010)

Prosecutions Demanded for Slaughterhouse Cruelty: Animal Aid Releases New Covert Film (13-04-2010)

The Food Standards Agency Backs CCTV Campaign (04-03-2010)

Three workers suspended and CCTV installed in organic abattoir following cruelty allegations (11-12-2009)

Humane Slaughter in British Abattoirs a 'Sham' (28-08-2009)

More controversy over religious slaughter (22-06-2009)

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