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The widespread concerns over genetic engineering, cloning and patenting of animals illustrates a new attitude - as does public disquiet about the live exports of farm animals; about stag and fox hunting; the burying of yet more countryside under concrete and tarmac; the use of animals in cruel tests; and the exploitation of wild animals by old-fashioned circuses. Then there is BSE and Foot and Mouth, and the unnatural methods of factory farming.

In every social group and across the age range, people are looking for ways to live in harmony with nature and without causing needless animal suffering. The transformation of attitude is of historic proportions. Take pride in being part of the historic movement to advance the status of animals.

Tony Banks, MP:

"I fully endorse the objectives of Animal Pride. I want people to share with me the sheer satisfaction of seeing animals as our partners on this planet not our prisoners."

Lord Rothermere, Daily Mail proprietor

"If you have reverence and feeling for the lives of humbler forms of animals than ourselves, it will reflect itself in our treatment of our fellow human beings. People who are brutal to animals are ultimately coarse in their human relationships."

Spike Milligan

"The whole world of domestic and wild animals is under unending pressure from the human race. I think the animal world of the wild is gradually disappearing. I can only wish this campaign well. The very best of wishes."

Crispian Mills, Kula Shaker

"Animals aren't proud, they're very humble... Good luck with everything."

Linda Robson, actress

"Animals have the right to be free."

Martin Shaw, actor

"We are advancing! In 1971, when I became a vegetarian, such campaigns were unheard of. Consciousness is rising. I have faith."

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