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YOUNG BLOOD - Children and pheasant shooting

Every year in Britain millions of shed-reared pheasants are beaten up into the sky and shot down for pleasure. Many of the shooters are mere children - there being no legal restriction on the age at which a child can use a shotgun to kill animals.

Animal Aid abhors the shooting of any animal for 'sport'. We especially condemn the present legal position which allows a child of any age to use a firearm for 'game' shooting. Animal Aid calls upon the government to act promptly and decisively to keep firearms out of the hands of children.


Part 1: Main Report

Children and pheasant shooting: An industry dependent on young blood.

Part 2: BASC - Young Shots

The youth wing of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

Part 3: Background on the Pheasant Shooting Industry

A tale of greed and excess

Part 4: Firearms Legislation and Children

The law offers considerable lassitude - not least to the young.

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