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Assault and Battery - We call upon the government to ban, without delay, the use of battery cages for the production of 'game birds'

Their poultry trade equivalent are now being phased out for battery hens across Europe, because they are deemed to be inhumane.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation - the largest shooting lobby group - has declared that battery (or 'barren') cages for breeding pheasants and partridges are 'indefensible' and 'incompatible with the values of the BASC and the future of game shooting'. It has asked members who operate - or patronise - shoots to 'check the provenance' of the birds they grow on or kill. And yet it makes that task virtually impossible by refusing to name battery cage operators.

We call upon BASC publicly to name and shame all users of battery cages.

This includes producers operating in Britain, as well as those in France or elsewhere, who provide British shoots with eggs, chicks or poults.

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