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Further reading for the shooting campaign

The Game Drain

Our 2008 report on how millions of pounds are spent on producing a food product that is worth a fraction of its production cost. Read more

Cheating The Public - How The Game Shooting Industry Misuses The Organic Label

Our 2008 factfile on the misuse of the organic label by the game shooting industry. Annually, some 42 million pheasants and partridges are purpose-bred to serve as feathered targets for wealthy ‘guns’. Production typically involves the use of metal battery cages, as well as industrial hatcheries, sheds and pens. Drugs are administered to the birds in an attempt to control diseases that are the inevitable consequence of intensive farming. Read more

As gamebird suffering is exposed...Labour cosies up to the bloodsports lobby

Read about the former Labour Government’s support and promotion of gamebird shooting

Labour’s Act of Betrayal

Animal Aid’s 2007 report into battery cages for pheasants and partridges, which are set to be awarded a government seal of approval under a welfare act that is supposed to penalise ‘unnecessary suffering’. Read more

A Law Unto Themselves

Our report into tax evasion by the shooting industry. Read more

Cheap Shots

The game shooting industry, while trumpeting its alleged contribution to the rural economy, is guilty of widespread tax 'irregularities', according to a 2006 report by Animal Aid. Read more

Assault and Battery

Our 2005 report reveals the shocking reality of partridges and pheasants incarcerated in battery cages. Read more

Fowl Play

Our 2004 report puts the case for a ban on the production of pheasants and other birds for 'sport shooting'. Read more

Feathering their Nests (2002)

Animal Aid's report on bird shooting describes an industry intent on avoiding paying its full share of VAT and business rates. Read more

Young Blood (2001)

Children and pheasant shooting: An industry dependent on young blood. Read more

Greed and Excess (2001)

Report exposing the shooting industry’s cruel wastefulness. Read more

The Killing Fields (2000)

Animal Aid's first major shooting report - The Killing Fields - reveals the massive scale of cruelty and environmental devastation caused by the pheasant shooting industry. Read more

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