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From Jungle to Jumble : National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition 2003

The 2003 'Giant Wild Bird Market' went ahead at the Birmingham NEC, despite a high level of controversy regarding its illegal status, and public opposition to the sale of wild birds in particular.

This special Animal Aid report presents the results of our investigation into the 2003 event - the evidence, findings and recommendations.

Undercover photos of the bird trade

Part 1: Introduction

Introduction, the law and the licensing process.

Part 2: Evidence

The evidence presented and contraventions to the Pet Animals Act 1951.

Part 3: Licence conditions

Conditions attached to the licence and contraventions to those conditions.

Part 4: Summary of problems

Problems relating to animal welfare, public health and safety, and trading standards.

Part 5: Conclusions

Animal Aid's conclusions and recommendations.

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