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FROM RAINFOREST TO RETAIL - Leading DIY chain and the horror of the wild bird trade

Animal Aid, whose campaigning throughout much of 2000 forced Focus to drop the sale of reptiles, has now conducted an undercover investigation into the company's bird sales.

In the view of our bird expert - a former chief investigator for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) - over three-quarters of the birds on sale at Focus are wild-caught and many of those species are threatened in the wild.

Part 1: Introduction and Background

The Animal Aid undercover investigation into Focus and the sale of exotic birds.

Part 2: Which Species? What Price? Profits in Exotics

Bird species identified on sale at Focus stores.

Part 3: Safari Select

Undercover at Safari Select - Focus' sole supplier of birds.

Part 4: Wild Bird Trade

Background to the wild bird trade - including trapping, disease and welfare.

Part 5: CITES and the Bird Trade

Listed birds, EU imports, and the report's conclusion.

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Written and researched by Elaine Toland. Additional key research by Peter Robinson, Consultant Ornithologist. With special thanks to the Environmental Investigation Agency for the use of their photos.

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