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Voting for animals

Election 2005

Voting for animals

Animal Aid's objective is to help signpost the way and do whatever we can to put animals on the agenda during the election season.

Most of us know very little of our local MP's views on issues relating to factory farming, vivisection, fur and the rest. We have examined MPs' voting records on statements of principal known as Early Day Motions (EDMs). Follow the links below to find out more and to see how your MP fared...

Election 2005

Votes for animals

Andrew Tyler introduces Animal Aid's EDM campaign and explains how you can get involved.

Election 2005

The league table

Look your MP up in our league table before deciding whether they deserve your vote this time round. (Warning: This is a large page and may take a minute to load.)

Election 2005

Party scores and statistics

These tables show the breakdown by party. Of the twelve parties analysed, find out which came out best and worst.

Election 2005

MP scores and statistics

Breakdown of points scores for the MPs. These tables show the top scoring MPs overall and by party.

Election 2005

The 15 EDMs

Details of the EDMs analysed for this survey, including the names of the signatories.

The top MPs for animals:
1 Mike Hancock (Lib Dem)
2 David Drew (Lab)
3= Tony Banks (Lab)
3= Bill Etherington (Lab)
3= Rudi Vis (Lab)
6= Norman Baker (Lib Dem)
6= Nigel Jones (Lib Dem)
6= Alan Simpson (Lab)
9= Jeremy Corbyn (Lab)
9= Ann Cryer (Lab)
9= Win Griffiths (Lab)
12= John McDonnell (Lab)

MPs who voted on all 15 EDMs:
David Drew (Lab)
Bill Etherington (Lab)
Mike Hancock (Lib Dem)
Rudi Vis (Lab)

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