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THE GREAT DEBATE : Animal liberation

The Great Debate is a philosophical discussion about the shape and future direction of the movement for animal protection. Please read the contributions to date - and if you have a thoughtful, well reasoned set of ideas that you believe would carry the debate forward, then we want to hear from you too.

McKelvey - A Victim of a Callous Code

By John Bryant

A moral position

Letters from Ellie Maldonado

Creatures like us?

By Dr Lynne Sharpe

Hunting and environmentalism

By Dave Eaton

Moral consideration - beyond the human community

By Adam Kyd

Philosophical approaches to understanding the exploitation of animals

By Dave Eaton

Background reading

What legal rights for animals?

An animals' defender

Why animal rights?

Animal Aid has, for all its life, done what we hope is a creditable job exposing and campaigning against cruelty, and promoting ways of living that eliminate animal exploitation. While we've never avoided the more philosophical side of animal rights, we've seen ourselves as part of a movement that seeks, above all, to be practical and get results. In this, our 25th year, we feel it is time to play more of a role in - as it were - refreshing the rights/liberation doctrine. And so we are launching this special section on our website devoted to discussion about the shape and future direction of the movement for animal protection.

This page is open only to animal advocates. Vivisectors, animal farmers and their ilk have their own well-funded routes to communicating with the public. That means the site is 'closed', with contributors invited to send their articles to Animal Aid's office. If you have an idea for an article, please send a brief outline (no more than 200 words) to - mark it: Great Debate.

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