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Compassionate people are horrified by the thought of animals being farmed and killed for their fur. And it's easy to see why.

Naturally wild animals are confined in tiny cages for their entire lives. They are prevented from carrying out normal social behaviour, and suffer severe psychological problems as a result of extreme anxiety and fear.

In fact, the industry is so cruel that fur farming is banned in the UK. However, the sale of fur is still legal, and fur is often sold as trim on collars, hoods and boots - which many people assume is fake. Be sure to always check the label, as most farmed foxes end up being used as fur trim, and rabbit, cat and dog fur is also used.

And don't forget the poor cows whose skins are turned into shoes, bags and belts. The sale of leather and suede helps to keep the meat industry profitable, so please boycott these and buy ethical alternatives instead - they are just as durable and stylish as the 'real thing', if not better!

The production of wool is also linked to meat production and animal suffering, so do sheep a favour and avoid wool products as well. Many people don't realise it, but silk is made by harvesting the cocoons of millions of silkworms, after the silkworm inside have been killed, typically by being doused in boiling water. Hundreds of silkworms are killed for just one scarf or tie. Avoid all fabrics produced from animal source to be sure of cruelty-free fashion!

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