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Sadly, some people in our society consider it acceptable to exploit and kill animals in the name of leisure and sport. Despite the ban, many hunts continue to kill foxes, deer and hares, and every year the game bird industry breeds more than 40 million pheasants and partridges to be shot. And it's not just the obvious blood sports that cause animal suffering. Horse racing may be appear to be harmless, yet around 400 horses are raced to death every year. Only 40 per cent of horses bred for racing go on to compete, and many of those who don't make the grade are slaughtered for meat to be consumed abroad. Please do not fund this cruel industry by betting on or attending races.

Unbelievably, there are still circuses forcing animals to perform as part of their act. These animals often endure brutal training regimes, and are confined inside tiny enclosures. Zoos claim to be acting on behalf of the animals they keep, but studies show that animals in captivity have a much poorer quality of life than their wild counterparts. They often exhibit abnormal behaviour, brought on by a lack of freedom and disruption of their normal social interactions. Send a message to these industries by boycotting animal entertainment.

Even 'domestic' animals are subject to suffering, being mass-produced to supply the pet industry and then discarded by owners who can't – or won't – look after them any more. Sanctuaries are overflowing with unwanted animals, so if you have the time, space and commitment necessary to look after a companion animal, please adopt one rather than buying from a breeder.

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