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A Dirty Business

A Dirty Business

Monitoring adherence to biosecurity regulations at livestock markets following the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak

Between June 2003 and March 2004, members of Animal Aid's MarketWatch network monitored thirteen markets in England and Wales to determine if post-foot and mouth biosecurity measures were being observed.

The results of the MarketWatchers' reports are published in A Dirty Business - our fourth major report on livestock markets. The markets covered include two which were integrally linked to the 2001 epidemic - Longtown and Hexham.


A brief overview of A Dirty Business.

Part 1: Introduction

Introduction and background to the report.

Part 2: MarketWatchers' reports

Biosecurity issues raised in the MarketWatchers' reports.

Part 3: Animal welfare

Animal welfare issues raised in the reports, including over-crowding, lack of water, and animal abuse.

Part 4: Special report

A special report from Newton Abbot livestock market.

Appendix 1

The history of MarketWatch.

Appendix 2

Foot and mouth disease: the story of the 2001 epidemic.

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Written by Ajaye Curry and Andrew Tyler
Published by Animal Aid, May 2004. ISBN: 0-9545115-3-0

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