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ANIMALS - The hidden victims of war

Throughout the history of human conflict, animals have been used as military tools for war. The purposes to which they are put are ever more diverse.

Animal Aid's new report exposes the truth about the ways in which animals animals are killed and exploited as a consequence of human warfare.

Animals: the hidden victims of war

Animals don't drop bombs, neither do they produce chemical weapons or killer viruses. Because we do, why should they suffer?

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Animals: the hidden victims of war has received support from leading figures in each of the major parliamentary parties.

Says Norman Baker MP:

"Animal Aid's timely report reminds us just how many animals are exploited, suffer and die in order that one set of humans engaged in warfare can gain an advantage over another. I hope that one day the human race will leave behind the use of war, but until it does so, it should agree to try to minimize the impact on animals."

Says Anne Widdecombe MP:

"Inflicting suffering on animals to decide whether something can inflict even worse suffering on humans is a hideous misuse of our position in creation."

Says Tony Benn:

"War destroys all life - human and animal and lays waste to our homeland. Give peace a chance."

Written by Ajaye Curry, artwork by Steve Hutton.
Published by Animal Aid, June 2003. ISBN: 0-954511-0-6

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