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Which issues are you able to cover at secondary level? (secondary speakers only)

General animal rights
Animal experiments
All animal issues

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What experience do you have of giving school talks? (if none please state NONE)

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Have you attended an Animal Aid school speaker's training workshop?

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Have you attended a school speakers' training workshop organised by any other organisations?

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Would you be interested in attending an Animal Aid Training Workshop for:

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primary school speakers? Yes No
cookery demonstrations? Yes No : If you want to attend the cookery workshop, you should enjoy cooking

Please note that to be an Animal Aid speaker you need to attend the relevant training workshop (i.e. for primary, or secondary, or cookery demonstration).

Please give your preferences for workshop area/venues from the list below*:

1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice

*Possible venues/areas include: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Norwich, Exeter, Bristol, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. NB List only one if no others are relevant or feasible for you.


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How much notice would you require for school talks?

Thank you. We will contact you to let you know that we have received your form and to notify you of the next training workshop in your area.

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