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Informing and empowering young people is one of the best ways to create a cruelty-free future. You can help by joining Animal Aid’s school speaker network. We are asked to provide speakers by Religious Education, English, Food Technology, PSE, Citizenship and General Studies teachers.

We will provide free training and information to help you get up to speed and then provide videos to show and free resources to give to the students so they can find out more. You can fit in as many or as few talks as you wish and we’re sure that you’ll find the experience rewarding.

To find out more, see the questions and answers below, or contact Karin Reynolds (tel: 01732 364546 ext. 234, email

Become an Animal Aid School Speaker

To apply to become an Animal Aid school speaker simply complete the online School Speaker Application Form or complete and mail the downloadable application form to the Animal Aid office.

Become an Animal Aid Cookery Demonstrator

Watch our cookery-training officer, Liz Hughes, giving a cookery demonstration and see if it is something that you would like to do.

Questions & Answers

How many talks will I be expected to give?

The number of talks you will be asked to give depends on how many requests we get in your area. The number of talks you agree to do is entirely up to you. It may depend on your availability and on other commitments you have. For example, some of our speakers work part-time, while others have to take time off work.

How are school talk requests generated?

The Animal Aid Education Department mails out to schools on a regular basis (usually once a term), offering talks on a range of subjects.

Do I need to attend a speakers' training workshop?

Yes. This is usually a requirement for all new speakers. However, if you live in an outlying area where no workshops are scheduled to take place, we may be able to interview you over the phone. All school speakers' training workshops are free, although we require a £15 deposit when you book, which is returned when you attend.

How do I attend a speakers' training workshop?

Primary and secondary speakers' training workshops, as well as cookery demonstration workshops, are organised in various parts of the country throughout the year – see if there's one coming up in your area. The first step to becoming a school speaker is to complete the Animal Aid School Speaker Application Form. When we have received and OK'd this we will invite you to attend a workshop.

Can I choose which age group to talk to?

Yes. Some people prefer to talk to primary age children, others like to talk and discuss the issues with secondary school students, or you can do both.

What issues will I be required to talk on?

Animal Aid speakers are asked to give talks on a variety of animal rights issues, although the most common topics are general animal rights, animal experiments and vegetarianism.

Will I be expected to talk about all the issues?

It is up to you. Although most speakers cover all issues, you don't have to commit yourself to giving talks on all the issues if you don't want to. We want you to feel confident and this means talking about issues you are knowledgeable about and feel comfortable with, at least initially. At a later date when you gained more knowledge and experience, you may want to cover other topics. In food technology for example, some people choose to give talks (on vegetarianism), while others are prepared to do cookery demonstrations as well.

Do I have to agree with all of Animal Aid's aims and objectives?

Yes. When you apply to be a speaker for Animal Aid you have to state that you are opposed to all animal experiments and that you are vegetarian or vegan. You also need to agree with Animal Aid's policy of non-violence and non-intimidation. See Animal Aid's Aims and Objectives.

Where and when are the forthcoming training workshops and how do I register to attend?

Here are our workshops for 2015:

  • Saturday, 31st January – London Cookery
  • February (Date to be confirmed) – Birmingham Cookery
  • May (date to be confirmed) – Manchester Secondary
  • Saturday, 11th July – Birmingham Primary
  • Saturday, 12th September – London Primary

If you would like to register your interest in a training workshop, complete and return the Animal Aid School Speaker Application Form and we will send you a booking form.

If you are already registered as a prospective speaker, email Karin or phone 01732 364546 ext 234 saying which workshop(s) you would like to attend.

Are training workshops free?

All school speakers' training workshops are free, although we require a £15 deposit when you book, which is returned when you attend.

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