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What is RSS?

Do you regularly check the Animal Aid website to see what the latest news is? Or do you keep coming back to our action alerts page to see how you can help animals? Wouldn't it be easier if we could deliver this information to you, rather than you checking our website?

That's where our 'RSS feeds' come in. All you need to do is download a piece of software called a news reader, and then subscribe to our RSS feeds. You can subscribe to feeds from other websites too, so you can get all the latest information delivered to your computer automatically!

Step 1 - Download a news reader

Download one of these news readers and install it on your computer:


Mac OS X



Step 2 - Subscribe to our RSS feeds

You can subscribe to any of our RSS feeds by copying and pasting the web address (URL) of the feed into your news reader.

Here are our feeds:

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